Buy flowers Alkmaar

At Wim van Assem in Alkmaar you don't just buy a bunch of flowers. In this floristry you will only find the best of the best. The flowers are fresh, as are the ideas. We like to go beyond the standard bouquet. The range of pots and vases is unique and the team is genuinely interested. When one leaves Wim van Assem's shop, it is always with an amazing bouquet that fits like a house. Wim makes buying flowers in Alkmaar an experience.

Creations that make occasions extra special
At Wim van Assem, we do everything we can every day to make the most beautiful flower creations and to provide our customers with the right advice. Whether that is for an ordinary bouquet or for creations for special occasions. In this way we realize real added value for every occasion. At funerals, during weddings and anniversaries, during events, in shop windows and other business locations and at our clients' homes. The reason for many Alkmaarders to buy their flowers from Wim van Assem.

Beautiful Alkmaar location to buy flowers
Bloembinderij Wim van Assem is located in d'Oude Stad in Alkmaar. In this oldest craft and shopping center in the cheese city, the atmosphere is friendly and the offer is diverse. The floristry is surrounded by special boutiques, specialty shops and exclusive gift shops. Many people from Alkmaar and tourists buy their flowers, clothing and gifts here. Became curious? Just come by!

Wim van Assem in the Old Town. For a really special bouquet, for beautiful pots and vases and for personal advice. To buy flowers in Alkmaar people go to Wim van Assem. Find out for yourself!

Wim van Assem in the Old Town

for a really special bouquet, for beautiful pots and vases and for personal advice