Bloembinderij Wim van Assem is located in d'Oude Stad in Alkmaar. In this oldest craft and shopping center in the cheese city of North Holland, the atmosphere is friendly and the offer is diverse. The floristry is surrounded by special boutiques, specialty shops and exclusive gift shops. The perfect place for Wim van Assem, who does things slightly differently than others with his floristry.

In this floristry everything revolves around experience. The fresh flowers, the sincere interest of the team, the love for the profession and the beautiful location make Wim van Assem's floristry unique in its kind. The strength of this floristry lies in the listening ear of the team members. Thanks to specific questions about the purpose of the bouquet or flower arrangement, about the recipient and about the locations where the creation will end up, the team realizes a piece that fits like a coat. Whether it concerns a wedding, a funeral or the decoration of a living or office space.

What does a flower binder do?
Bouquets are put together in a floristry. At Wim van Assem, we mainly do this by feel. And we mainly get inspiration from the seasons. In early spring, fresh colors play the leading role, towards the summer the soft green, light blue and white are added to the range and after the summer the deeper colors have free rein. And at Christmas? Then excess is in charge. Unless the customer wishes otherwise, of course. Because nowadays we can get all kinds of flowers all year round. The bouquets from our floristry are individually composed with love and craftsmanship. The shape, color and structure of the flowers are completely in balance in each bouquet.

The floral art of florist Wim van Assem can best be described as eccentric, exciting and breathtakingly beautiful. Find out for yourself!

Wim van Assem in the Old Town

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